Cows milk proteins are found in breast milk

I was told by my GP that my dairy intake wouldn’t affect my baby Emily’s cows milk allergy. However, the¬†Allergy Unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital¬†disagree.

They write:

Proteins from the maternal diet are found in breast milk within a few hours and may be found for the next 24 hours or so. (Milk Allergy Information Sheet)

After reading their article and recommendation to stop dairy products, I found that Emily’s reflux symptoms and eczema went away. If I did slip up and have dairy, within an hour of her next feed the eczema and unsettled tummy would return and might last 24-48 hours.

One thought on “Cows milk proteins are found in breast milk”

  1. Our son has suffered with constipation ever since starting solid food as a baby. Recently we were told to take him off cow’s milk as a protein present in the milk was not agreeing with him. For the first time in six years we are having a break through- so I agree that cow’s milk protein is present in breast milk – and I wish that I had been told to consider this when he was a baby.

    We have also been having him treated by a chiropractor since Jan 09.

    I would like others to know that this may be a path to try for your child.


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