Where can I find dairy-free chocolate?

Some cooking chocolates are made with oils rather than butter (check the label carefully), but the consistency of these can be crumbly and they are not really nice enough to eat on their own!

The Kinnerton brand promotes its 100g Luxury Dark Chocolate bars as milk-free, egg-free, nut-free, and gluten-free. This is a very rich, flavoursome chocolate great for using in cooking, baking, and eating on its own if you like dark chocolate. Kinnerton also make allergen-free lollipops and really yummy chocolate mints. Seasonally, Kinnerton also make Easter Eggs and Christmas sweets. In Australia, Kinnerton say their chocolate is available at major stores like Big W, Kmart, Target, and Priceline, however I have found that not all stores stock them all the time.

Sweet William make 100g White Delight and Original chocolate blocks and various small flavoured bars. They say their blocks are milk-free, nut-free, and gluten-free. They use soy instead of dairy milk, and the Original bar is a great substitute for milk chocolate, with a lighter and creamier flavour than the Kinnerton Luxury Dark block. In Australia, Sweet William say their chocolate is available at major supermarkets Woolworths, Coles, and IGA, either with the health foods or in the confectionery.

Personally, I love dark chocolate so in all my chocolate recipes I use Kinnerton. Please write in the comments if you know of other brands or stockists.

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  1. I’m gluten and lactose intolerant, unfortunately there is no gluten and diary free here in Italy where I live! Now, watching this post I wish I could live where you do! Is there any possibility to order these by Internet?

  2. Sweet Williams have just increased their product range and have introduced choc melts and choc chips to their range. I am yet to find a store that has the choc melts but have found the choc chips at Coles.

  3. I discovered the alpha brand of dairy free chocolate. I think they are based in Vic somewhere and I know that David Jones stocks them around Easter time even in the form of Easter eggs. They have a delicious plum filled version that is delicious. So far, Alpha has been my favourite dairy free chocolate but it is harder to find than the sweet williams

  4. I’ve just tried Lindt Dark Chocolate 100g block variety. It is dairy free but may contain traces of soya lecithin, hazelnuts, almonds and milk. It tastes good if you like dark chocolate.

  5. i am a diebetic type 2 ,and i am lactose Intolorance and gluten free dairy free.i am interested in anything chocolate or any kind of food product if you can email me any product please .

    yours thankfully Judith steadclark

  6. Where would I be able to buy this product brand?
    I love chocolate but can’t have dairy cause I am breastfeeding my daughter an she is allergic to dairy protein

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